Frequently Asked Questions

It's Ok to Ask


We offer free evaluations for new and returning swimmers to determine the swimmers correct level. These are offered Mon/Tues/Thurs at 7p.m on a first come, first serve basis. If your swimmer has no experience swimming and is under the age of 8 they will be considered a level 1, you do not need to evaluate swimmers with no experience.

Make Ups

Bakersfield Swim Academy does not offer make up lessons. Whether it is for vacation, sickness or just something comes up, the Academy has no way to sell one or two slots in a certain class in the middle of a month for those lessons missed. Also, our tuition is based on a 4 week month and 48 week year, however there are 52 weeks in a year. This means that each quarter there is at least one month where the students receive one free lesson.
For example, Your child is signed up for 2x a Week beginning in August and comes Tuesday/Thursday. The tuition fee is based on 8, 30 minute lessons. There are actually 9 lessons given on Tuesday/Thursday in the month of August so each family gets one free the first month. This happens again in October and November.

What if My Child Cries?

Our staff and Instructors are trained to help the most fearful swimmers learn to enjoy the water and swim faster than you can believe. Often times we find that it is the parents who have a bigger problem with a crying child than the child himself. Even with children more apt to intense crying, it is only approximately 4 lessons before that child has learned to enjoy the water without crying.

Goggles or No Goggles?

Bakersfield Swim Academy desires children to enjoy the water in a safe way. Often times goggles can help the children greatly by being able to see toys and such underwater. We also understand the need for children to learn how to be prepared to swim to the wall for safety without goggles if they should ever fall in while not wearing goggles. So bottom line is we don't push either and would prefer parents and children to be flexible on this as well as from time to time we might ask a child to either wear their goggles or not wear their goggles for certain exercises.


We will be closed for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, and the late evening of Halloween. Prorating will only occur if based on the Holiday closure there is less days than what the pricing is based on. Meaning 1x a Week is 4 lessons, 2x week is 8 lessons. For example, January 1st we will be closed but whether your student is signed up for once a week or twice a week, he/she will still get 4 classes or actually 8 classes in the month of January.

Pool Temperature

Pool is heated to 85 Degrees in the summer to ensure the children and instructors do not get too warm but in the winter it is heated to a toasty 91 Degrees. This ensures the enjoyment of the children without them getting cold or too hot.


Please be advised that you must inform the front desk of your intent to drop the lessons otherwise you will still be charged. We must have 1 week notice before the end of the month or you will be charged for an additional half month.


Payment is best due by debit card being placed on our secure system for monthly automatic payment. In the case of checks, there will be a $25 bounce check charge for any bounced checks. Also, payment will be due on the first of each month, or at the first visit before the child enters the pool.