Class Levels

Children's Classes

Parent & Me (30 Min)

Minimum Age: 6 months

Goals: Teach basic water safety to parent & child working towards independent activity without parent assistance.

Skills to Master:

  • Blowing bubbles to collect rings under water (with assistance)
  • Entering and exiting the pool (with assistance)
  • Hold onto the wall independently
  • Floating On back (with assistance)
  • Splashing
  • Kicking (with assistance)
  • Submerging face and ears comfortably (with assistance)
  • Rolling from front to back and reverse (with assistance)
  • Standing on islands (independently)
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Starfish (30 Min) or Star PLUS

Minimum Age: 2 Years

Goals Water safety, Plays well in water- no crying, follows directions, safely waits for turn.

Skills to Master:

  • Eyes down bubbles or Balloon Faces (holding breath underwater)
  • Floating: Belly and Back
  • Rolling from Back to Belly and Belly to Back
  • Kicking with eyes down and/or bubbles
  • Eyes down with bubbles to island/wall
  • Entering and exiting the pool independently and with help
  • Jumping: to islands, to wall, to instructor with combined skills
  • Collect rings from islands/steps while holding breath.

Must be able to travel 4 feet independently whilst kicking with eyes down without crying.

Star PLUS is for children 5 & up. It covers level 1 skills but over a further distance.

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Guppy (30 Min)

Goal: Water safety and introduction to stroke technique.

Skills to Master:

  • Entering & exiting the pool independently inc. jumping.
  • Streamline kicking: Back and Belly (assisted & unassisted)
  • Back-floats with help & unassisted
  • Open eyes underwater (without goggles)
  • Retrieve objects off the bottom of the pool
  • Kicking: flutter kick
  • Rolling over (unassisted)
  • Elementary Backstroke (Monkey/Airplane/Soldier)
  • Big Arms & rolling from front to back, kicki on surface & eyes down

Must be able to travel half the length of the pool independently with streamline, big arms & elementary backstroke.

Clownfish (30 Min)

Goal: Independent swimming & Stroke technique.

Skills to Master:

  • Streamline: on Back & Belly
  • Retrieve multiple objects off the bottom of the pool
  • Kicking: frog kick and flutter kick (with kickboard)
  • Freestyle: alternating sides breathing (every 3 strokes)
  • Backstroke - correct arms & kicking
  • Introduction to Breaststroke (frog kicking) with streamline

Must be able to travel a 3/4 length of the pool independently. Must display proficient technique in flutter kick, streamline, freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke legs.

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Pufferfish (30 Min)

Goal: Correct Stroke technique.

Skills to Master:

  • Streamline (underwater): Back and Belly
  • Kicking: frog kick, flutter kick, and dolphin kick.
  • Perfect Freestyle with alternating side breathers
  • Backstroke: Straight-arms, good body rotation, and minimal head movement.
  • Breaststroke: correct rhythm and pull down
  • Introduction to Flip Turns

Must be able to travel full length of the pool independently. Must display proficient stroke technique for freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke.

Tunafish (45 Min)

Goals: Advanced stroke technique and stamina.

Skills to Master:

  • Perfect Streamline: above water and underwater
  • Kicking: Frog kick, flutter kick, and dolphin kick.
  • Backstroke correct technique & flag count
  • Breaststroke: correct rhythm, pull down & open turns
  • Reading the clock
  • Turns: Flip turns (freestyle/backstroke) and open turns (breaststroke/butterfly)
  • Introduction to Butterfly (arms/walls)

Must be able to travel 2 full lengths of the pool using correct technique for freestyle, breaststroke & backstroke including flip turns & open turns.


Jellyfish (45 Min)

Goals: Correctly use proper stroke techniques for all strokes and improve stamina.

Skills to Master:

  • Swim entire length of pool including flip turns/wall touches and correct technique for all strokes.
  • Correct freestyle with flip turns
  • Correct backstroke with flip turns and flag count
  • Correct breaststroke with pull-downs and 2 hand touch wall turns
  • Correct butterfly with 2 hand touch wall turns
  • Correctly using the clock
  • More technique for all strokes and building stamina

We recommended students attend multiple times per week to improve fitness and stamina.

Jellyfish Elite (60 Min)

Goals: The aim at this level is to prepare our swimmers for competitive swimming including Club level, High school and other at the highest standard.

Skills to Master:

  • Students must be able to complete all four strokes with correct technique and ability to swim multiple laps using correct flip turns/touch turns.
  • This class will continue to build on technique and stamina in order to be able to move into a higher level of competitive swimming.
  • Lessons may also include introductory water polo.

This is our highest class level. We recommended students attend multiple times per week to improve fitness & stamina.


Adult Classes

Learn to Swim

Goals: Water safety and stroke technique

Skills to Master:

  • Floating on front and back
  • Freestyle
  • Backstroke
  • Breaststroke
  • Butterfly

We tailor our adult lessons to each individual. Some of our adult students are just learning to swim for the first time while others are working on stroke refinement.

Swim Fit & Swim Fit Elite

The Swim Fit classes offered to our swimmers to allow an opportunity for conditioning.

We recommend coupling this with a technique level class where you are registered for 2 x per week or more.

Swim Fit (30 min) is for swimmers in Levels 4-7
Swim Fit Elite (1 hour) is for swimmers in Levels 5-7

Swim Fit Elite is currently offered for 1 hour on Saturday, we welcome drop ins if you're looking for some extra fitness for the week.



At Bakersfield Swim Academy we take great care in placing each of our swimmers in the appropriate class levels. Doing so allows for higher quality instruction from our teachers, a more productive learning environment for our students, and an overall better experience for everyone. If you have any questions about our levels or would like to schedule a free 5-minute evaluation to find out which level your student should be placed in, please call our front office at (661) 615-6530.

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